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Our Mission

We create different beauty products for the ladies who care about their skin health

We are using advanced US technology, and aiming to bring the professional beauty treatments that are usually used in professional beauty salons to the places where the users like. Hence, the users may enjoy their professional treatments easily with privacy and comfort.
We have different skin-care and beauty products that includes face-cleansing, light therapy, micro-dermabrasion, electrical muscle stimulation, serum infusion as well as hair care, are all designed for different beauty, skin-care and hair problems.
We are aim to work against the root-problems, and solve the users’ concerns on different skin problems.

Our Mission

Our products have obtained different certifications and passed all international safety tests. On the other hand, we shall also adjust our products’ functions in compliance with the market needs and statutory requirements. Our innovation team aims and works with sincere, understands consumers’ needs, in order to make their innovations fit the consumers’ requirements.

Biomax shall provide the best products
that fit your daily needs.

We invite you to visit our website, and search for the products which fit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry.