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Privacy Policy

  • Compliance with statutory demands and regulations
  • What information do we collect about you
  • How do we use your personal data
  • How can you access your personal data
  • To whom do we disclose your personal data
    • Subsidiary, associate companies and other parties
    • Business partners
    • Services providers
  • Contact us
Compliance with statutory demands and regulations
We shall operate in compliance with The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Our company’s staffs, agency(ies), operation officers, directors, contractors, suppliers and/or other representatives will protect your personal data at their best endeavour.
What information do we collect about you
You are welcomed to visit our website, and you are not required to provide your personal data. If you propose to provide your personal data to our company, we shall collect and handle all or some parts of the following personal data during your choosing to use our medias and/or services, e.g. : the data you have provided under any of the following circumstances :
  1. Filling in forms (e.g. : during registrations of our users / members in any form, or you feel interest to any of our promotion activities, and you may be required to provide contacts via our agency(ies) and/or medias;
  2. Completing surveys (e.g. : for research and statistical purposes) ;
  3. Uploading of data (e.g. : during using social networking media, or during your participation to our promotions on the internet);
  4. Registration to use our services provide through internet when necessary (e.g. : during using of this website or application programs and social network media); and
  5. Contact with us, which includes :
    • Name;
    • E-mail address;
    • Gender;
    • Contact phone number;
    • Postal address;
    • Age / Date of Birth;
    • Academic background and career;
    • Your comments in relation to our products;
    • Payment particulars (during internet deal and payment);
    • Particular demand you’ll raise to us (for record);
    • Photos or videos you would like to share to public.
How can you access your personal data
You may contact us by mail and/or e-mail (please refer to the contact channels that stated in terms and conditions of your used media) to check what kind of personal date we are holding.

If you discover that there is any mistake, omission or expiry, you may raise your demand of rectification, making supplement or clarification.

You are also entitled to raise your demand of deletion against your personal data, but we may refuse the subject demand in accordance with the subject laws and, when necessary, keep and transfer your personal data in accordance with the subject laws and regulations (especially under the statutory demands).

Under some area’s jurisdictions, you are entitled to check and realize the particular of personal data we have collected, and may rectify the incorrect personal data. In the circumstances, other user’s rights shall not be influenced. Under the subject law’s permission, we may demand for a reasonable fare for such personal data checking. We are also entitled to refuse the demands which raised in unreasonably frequently, in the technical which needs unreasonably performed, in damage of other user’s legal rights and benefits, in extremely impracticable or non-compliance of the subject law. If you would like to conduct such personal data check, you may feel free to contact our customer services department at
We shall not disclose any of your personal data to any third party for the purpose of its individual business promotion or commercial activities without your prior consent. Nevertheless, during business necessary, we may disclose your personal data to the following parties:
Subsidiary, associate companies and other parties
Biomax Asia Pacific Company Limited and / or its associate company, and/or the employee of the relevant businesses, agencies, operation officers, directors, contractors, suppliers and other business representatives may, during their conduction of the marketing / promotion activities mentioned in this Privacy, use your personal data commonly and hence, make transference of your personal data.
Business partners
We may also share your personal data with our reliable business partners, who includes but not limited to our agencies in taking market researches, the telecom services providers, etc., for the purpose of services improvements or for promotions of our businesses.
Services providers
We may also disclose your personal data to the parties who provide services to us, i.e. the parties in assistance of your payment’s handling or the parties who represent us to issue the relevant e-mail and message. Such parties shall use your personal data in our designated assignments and services only. 
Other matters which excluded under this Privacy Policy
All other issues in relation to personal data / privacy which are not included in this policy shall be interpreted, handled and enforced in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong (which incudes in Ordinance and/or Common Law), and/or any rules and regulations that extended under any law of Hong Kong, or any official guideline and instruction
Contact us
If you have any enquiry with regard to our Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact our Customer Services Officers. Alternatively, you may write or send your data access request to our e-mail :

Correspondence Addresses:
Biomax Asia Pacific Company Limited
14/F., Phase I, Leader Industrial Centre, 188-202 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.