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Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager
Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager
Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager
Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager
Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial MassagerLightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial MassagerLightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial MassagerLightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager

Lightlift EMS Light Therapy Facial Massager

It uses a micro-current beauty technique created through charging, which is very popular among professional beauty centres to stimulate muscle nerves and allow them to fully move. This provides kneading and lymphatic drainage to the face and other body parts to push away excess body fat, hence giving a slimming effect.

On the other hand together with the 660nm wavelength LED Red light technology, it helps promote blood circulation and stimulate collagen growth, which can slim down our face and body, as well as enhancing facial and body contour, improve skin laxity and firming. 

In addition with the 360 degree rotary eye massaging ball, it helps strengthen the protection to the eyes, focus on diminishing dark circles and edema, and reduce fine lines.

For all skin type
Promote lymphatic circulation, Reduce Puffiness, face and Body Slimming, Massage and Stress Relief, Contour Firming, Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
Model No.
HK$ 1980
LED Red Light
With a specific wavelength of 660nm, it penetrates through the skin surface, converts light energy into anti-aging cellular energy and activates cells, which causes the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Hence reduce wrinkles, improves skin laxity and helps firming. 
EMS Micro-Current
Human body cells have 1/1000 milliampere positive and negative charges, through stimulation from an external micro-current, it enhances nerve transmission and muscles contraction.
Rotary Eye Roller
With a 360 degree rotation roller ball, it gently massages around the eye area and relief tiredness, promote blood circulation, reduce dark circles, puffiness, eye bags and fine lines.
Three Level of Micro-Current Intensity
3 level of micro-current intensity levels, low, medium and high, adjustable according to personal preference
Three Treatment Modes

A new generation of skin care concept.

This device combines the use of v-shaped 360 degree rotation rollers, EMS micro-current and LED light technology. It is a very convenient domestic skin care product, which can enhance skin elasticity and firming, hence helps brighten up. 

Waterproof Design

This device is designed to be waterproof

*This product has a USB charging slot at the bottom, therefore it is not recommended to use during shower

LED Red Light
Can choose between buttons ‘F’ or ‘B’ to switch on the EMS mode, LED red light can be used at the same time during the treatment.
EMS micro-current

*In order to strengthen the skin’s sensitivity towards the micro-current produced by the device, please moisturize your skin with lotion, moisturizing spray or water beforehand.

Facial care mode ‘F’

1.      Face

Place the rollers on the chin and roll along the contour of your face


2.      Jawline

Place the rollers on the bottom of the jawline, and slowly move towards your ears and along the contour of your face

Body care mode ‘B’

1.      Shoulder and neck

Place the rollers on the collarbone and slowly move back and forth, and also between the shoulder and head as well


2.      Arm – forearm

Roll back and forth between the elbow and the inner wrist


3.      Arm – upper arm

Roll back and forth between the inner elbow and the armpit


4.      Waist

Roll the rollers along the waistline vertically

Place the rollers onto the navel and roll horizontally towards the side waist.

5.      Leg – Inner thigh

Place the rollers besides the knee cap, and slowly move to the upper side of the inner thigh back and forth repeatedly.

6.      Leg – Back of the thigh

Place the rollers behind the knee and move slowly towards the lower hip back and forth repeatedly.

7.      Leg- Calf

Move the rollers back and forth from ankle to the back of the knee.

Rotary eye massager
This cooling metal massaging roller mimics human massaging techniques, by rolling the muscles along the eye area can promote blood circulation. Gently press the massager onto the eye area and roll around the eye lid and below the eyes, until all skin care products are fully absorbed (approximately 3 minutes). By using it every day, it helps relief fatigue, diminish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

1.  Before using the micro-current/micro-current with LED red light function, please moisturise your skin first and test with EMS intensity level 1. You can then adjust to your desired intensity.

2.  When the rollers are rotating too fast, it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin to the EMS micro-current, thus it is recommended to use a slower scrolling speed.

3.  Be careful not to use the device on the same part more than the recommended time

4.  Do not apply this device onto your fingers, toes, throat, tendon and other delicate parts. By changing the contacting angle and applying strength to the skin, or under a moist state, can reduce the chance of hurting the skin.

5.  Please removed all jewelries (necklaces, earrings, etc.) before treating to prevent an accident from happening, or reducing the effectiveness. Tie up your hair with a hair band, or secure it with hairpins, to avoid tangles and causing injuries.

Power Adaptor
USB Cable
Instruction Manual
Storage Bag
Warranty Card